Our dedication to the pursuit of excellence in NLP techniques and NLP training ensures that you get the help you need. Our range of professional training courses has been been fine tuned to provide the best results in the quickest and easiest way possible, what's more our courses are flexible and we can tailor them to best suit you and your exact requirements.

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NLP Introduction

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the study of human excellence. It was created in the 1970s as a way of identifying how people were able to excel in various fields, business, therapy, sports, communication and many more.

By discovering how the minds of great achievers were working the creators of NLP - and many more pioneers that have since followed, have uncovered many of the structures of human excellence.

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NLP Introduction


Anna McManus

I first met Kevin in spring of 2006 when I attended an NLP Practitioner course that he was running. Over the course of the following few months I got to see Kevin’s amazing style, listen to his encouraging words and feel confident in my new...

Anna McManus - Sales and Marketing Manager, British Red Cross Society

Dean Cutbill

We have worked with Kevin for the last 12 months. In addition to one to one coaching and development through his NLP Practitioners programme, Kevin is a thoughtful and insightful tutor that brings his work to life with creativity. Kevin also joined us for a...

Dean Cutbill - Products and Marketing Director, National Australia Bank

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New Jivamukti Starting every Friday at Manchester Uni 6-7.30 pm

Come along and experience Jivamukti yoga every friday at 6pm - the course runs until Mid Dec and we will be exploring all aspects of Jivamukti.. come along and start your weekend with some fun and funk!

Jivamukti session

I covered the Thursday mad Jiva class for Andrea Everingham on thursday and had 28 Jiva's all up for a mash up!  Everyone gave their all and the spirit of Jiva was released.. Awesome!!

INLPTA DiplomaINLPTA Diploma

The INLPTA Certified Diploma is run over 4 days and covers the basics of NLP. Read More

NLP PractitionerNLP Practitioner

The course is designed to enable you to maximise on your personal development. Read More

Master PractitionerMaster Practitioner

This is only offered to a small group of participants to ensure the highest quality of training. Read More
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